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Street Training - Caroline Street - About Me

I first considered taking up Driving Instruction some years ago and had helped several friends and relations to drive over the years on an informal basis. When my work as a Technical Consultant in the computer industry was requiring me to work away from home increasingly frequently, I decided it was time to move on. This was November 2005.

I have always liked working with people - working as a nurse for 12 years from my late teens. With Driving Instruction I was at last able to combine my pleasure of meeting people, with teaching people from all walks of life how to drive - a life skill that is increasingly challenging on today’s congested roads.
In autumn 2007, I started working towards the Diploma in Driving Instruction (Dip DI). I successully completed the Diploma in July 2009. It is my belief that it is important not to stagnate and just start "doing a job". There is always something new to learn and new approaches to be adopted.

in January 2016 I started working part time as a Driving Assessor with Wessex DriveAbility. This means I now restrict my training to ad hoc refresher sessions for full licence holders who wish to build their confidence or work towards a more specific goal they wish to master.